Lester Buildings

JLS Construction is now a proud dealer for Lester Buildings.  Lester Buildings post-frame construction offers open floor plan designs and limitless custom options to create a beautiful warm living space that is uniquely you.

Budget Friendly.  Compared to a traditionally framed home, labor and materials typically cost less for a Lester Buildings post-frame home. Because there is no need for interior posts or load bearing walls, adding or removing walls or even adding a second floor is much easier and more cost effective than with a  traditional house.  

Eclipse roof system.  Beauty meets functionality.  Smartly designed with unmatched curb appeal, the patented* Lester Buildings Eclipse Roof System is strong and sleek with no leaks.

Farm & Ranch Buildings.  Whether your farming is a hobby, business or both, Lester can build your personal vision.  We know the practical, aesthetic and emotional nuances of the farming lifestyle, and we put safety first.